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  • Image of Flavoured Gins from £3.99
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Freshly picked spring-crop rhubarb is spiked with Oriental ginger and infused with classic Edinburgh Gin.

Rhubarb and spice are left to steep for four weeks, allowing for the complex flavours to marry together.

The season’s ripest Scottish plums are macerated with fine Madagascan vanilla.

Elderflowers are handpicked in full bloom and then infused with our classic Edinburgh Gin. The flowers are then left to macerate for a month for full flavour extraction.

Raspberries are picked at peak ripeness to ensure the perfect balance; promising just the right amount of sweetness to balance the fruit’s natural tartness.

Pomegranate & Rose: reminiscent of Turkish Delight, a delicate blend of sweetly floral aromas and red fruit flavours. Initial notes of fragrant rose give way to juicy pomegranate and lingering citrus notes.

20% ABV


A magical, mythical spirit with an iridescent glittery shimmer. Juniper-driven and citrusy on the nose. Luscious and flavoursome with sweetness and flavours of candied orange, herbs and spice. Drink on its own over ice, or in a G&T or gin-based cocktail.

40% ABV


RHUBARB juice is extracted using a traditional fruit press and blended with Harrington Dry Gin to produce an alluring pink gin that is voluptuous on the palate with a sweet and tangy royal rhubarb explosion.

Enjoy with plenty of ice and your favourite tonic. Authentic British craft at its best.

40% ABV

HONEYBEE. With 28 natural botanicals, Honeybee Gin is infused with luscious local honey and a dollop of golden nectar from the hives on Falls Farm.

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A floral and zesty gin with a long, lingering and gently sweet finish, we love it served with Mediterranean Tonic water, and garnished with a slice of lemon and a few sage leaves.

43% ABV